A Look at the Wii Light Gun For Video Game Fans

Since the Wii revolutionized home gaming with their innovative use of motion sensing, Nintendo have sought opportunities to branch out on the core control system for the console. The basic Wiimote and nunchuk have worked well as a basis for more elaborate control efforts. A clear example of this is the Wii wheel, used by slotting the wiimote into a steering wheel frame to allow accurate portrayal of actual driving. Further to this, Nintendo have developed the Wii zapper- an updated version of the fan favourite Wii light gun.

Since the Wiimote itself is used to simply point and ‘shoot’ at the screen, many wondered if the Wii gun was surplus to requirements, but fans called out for development. Gaming guns like these are nothing new- they’ve been around for years now, especially in arcades, but the notion of pairing the lauded technology of the Wiimote into a light gun is certainly a masterstroke.

Similar to the Wii wheel, the Wii gun is essentially a frame into which the Wiimote snugly fits, and is simply used to emulate the feel of using a gun. Therefore the Wii version is not a light emitting gun in the traditional sense. This can be seen as an advantage as many plasma and LCD TV’s have difficulty registering the light projections of existing light guns, but the Wiimote is designed with current technology in mind, and so offers no such problems.

Many recent Wii gaming releases have been bundled with the Wii gun, such as Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. The gun is very popular with rail shooters such as this game, and is promoted alongside other new games, such as Dead Space: Extraction.

It’s definitely worth trying out the¬†Wii light gun; it is lightweight, comfortable and really brings back the nostalgia of FPS arcade machines. It also helps to throw you into the action and suspense of the game, as you see and feel exactly what you would in the real situation. So take up your Wii light gun and enter the fray!