Alabama Needs Stiffer Injury Laws

The Alabama state legislature develops and amends injury laws. This body has the power to come up with stricter injury laws. Each state has its own unique injury laws. If you live in Alabama,you need to know Alabama injury laws and your claim. Ignorance of the law is no defense.

Personal injury victims are suffering because of lenient injury laws,according to Offenders are easily getting off the hook. That does not encourage change of behavior. It makes people to continue with their old habits that are responsible for accidents.

The increasing cases of personal injuries justify harsher laws. Careless driving is increasing. Many Alabama drivers are driving while drunk. That has led to casualties and injuries.

Some people usually use their phones while driving. Actually,distracted driving is one of the top causes of road crashes. Just one second of distraction is enough to cause a crash. A driver needs to pay full attention to the road while observing all safety standards and road signs.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) should revoke licenses of careless drivers. Repeat offenders need to spend more time behind bars or pay hefty fines.

There are also careless employers. A negligent employer will fail to put in place all the necessary workplace safety measures. That can result in the death or injury of employees. Increasing workplace injury compensations will act as a deterrence. It will encourage many companies to train employees on safety measures as well as maintain safe workplaces.

Medical malpractice is also on the rise. Many patients are dying on the surgical table. Some are suffering serious post-surgical complications because of careless surgeons. The state legislature should amend medical malpractice laws so that careless doctors can pay the full penalty for their negligence.

The Bottom-Line

Injury laws exist for a reason: to punish offenders,discourage negligence and facilitate justice. If you are a personal injury victim and you need justice,you should hire the bestcar accident attorney.

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