Book Icons – Black and White

Who is the most popular book icon today? It’s hard to pinpoint one single figure, but you can look at the popularity of several different book covers. For example, here’s what usually happens when someone goes into a bookstore and looks for a specific book: they’ll see the book icon or, more specifically, the book cover. That book cover may be surrounded by an exclamation point, a quote, or a quote from the book. It’s not uncommon for book covers to incorporate a quote from the book as well. In fact, some people would say that’s how modern marketing works-when someone walks into your store and sees your book cover, they already know something about the book, because they were probably reading it when it was published.

So who is the typical author and/or publisher who use the black and white image to represent their company or product? Well, there are many, but one has to give the industry its own glory. Everyone has their own little bit of style and individuality, which they bring to each publication. But if you ask any designer or illustrator, they will all tell you that it was difficult to design book covers when traditional black and white photography and illustrations were still in vogue. As with everything else in the digital age, it’s now easier than ever to get professional-looking images for any publication, printed or digital.

That means that anyone with an artistic bend of mind can make their own black and white book covers. If they’re feeling creative, they can even come up with a concept that hasn’t been done before. One company has a book cover that shows a cat with its tail on fire. When you see that, I’m sure you’d never think about publishing that particular book.

Another company has a series of dog pictures on their black and white book cover. Can you guess what the dog is doing in the background? He’s playing a game of fetch. Can’t you just imagine having a dog as your book cover?

Some companies have covers that feature cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse. There are covers with cars and airplanes and people in various poses. There are covers of children’s books and calendars and stationery. There are even covers for plays, musicals and films and television shows.

The idea is that people like to mix and match, whether it’s a wedding cover or a school book cover or a children’s book cover. This isn’t surprising when you consider that there are more than a billion books published each year. Black and white photographs and illustrations used to be the exception, but now you can find nearly any image you want on any publication.

So why don’t publishers go for the monochrome black and white image anymore? One reason is that some book cover illustrators are just not creative enough to create images that really capture people’s imaginations. There are many book covers with simple scenes. In fact, you may have noticed that some movie covers have simple black-and-white images that don’t really tell anything about what the movie is about. Most movie stars have their own book covers designed by their illustrators and they often say how much time it took them to create the image.

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Another reason publishers choose monochrome images is because they cost less. Since there are so many of these books in circulation, the cost of developing each one is very high. In recent years, more publishing houses are looking for ways to produce book covers cheaper and more quickly. In other words, they’re competing to put out titles as quickly as possible.

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